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As our name rightly suggests, we just love to play with graphics, lines, designs and colour!
We create unique minimalistic modern posters, but with a touch of retro.
Our themes, esthetics and colours all refer to the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. 

“I really appreciate Polish post-war modernistic architecture, which I find largely undervalued.
I wanted to see it in its pure, original form – and that’s why I created our first poster with the Kaskada building,
which evolved into a series on Polish architecture of that time.”
Kasia Jasinska

You will find over a dozen different collections, designs, motives and colours created from our love for drawing
– choose the best fit for your interiors!

Learn more about what inspires us and our techniques.


Graphic designer, illustrator, born in 1976.

She is the author of all posters by Gra-Fika.

She continues the family tradition – she grew up in the fumes of paint and solvents in her dad’s studio.

She spent several years in front of the computer screen designing visual identifications, publications
and advertising campaigns mainly for cultural institutions. But she longed for the smell of paints
and so the first screenprinted posters of Gra-Fika were created.

She likes the most: colors.



Graphic designer, artist, decorator, born in 1936.

He is the author of hand-painted series of posters: Letters.

He grew up in the socialist era of Eastern Bloc, in art school he was even thought to do portraits of
Stalin in paper-mâché.

For many years he was a decorator in department stores.

About the letters he knows everything, because most of his life he worked without computers and printers,
when each inscription was hand-crafted.

He likes the most: sharpening pencils.



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